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    My opinion on clan wars



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    My opinion on clan wars

    Post by Eidwripper123 on Fri 11 Jul 2014, 14:01

    do you think ppl should attack 2 times a war? i think if its mandatory to attack 2 times the ppl who didnt attack at all will stand out more and the ppl who currently use just 1 attack a war will go up to 2 attacks a war and so many ppl attack only once a war and i think that they will go to 2 attacks a war if its mandatory. We are doing better, but need more attacks. War is a team effort and more ppl who attack the better. In my opinion ppl who only attack once a war should post an inactivity notice. If you have the time to clash you have the time to get 2 attacks for war in. It is understandable that real life makes it impossible to get 100/100 attacks, but i think this will improve our war results a lot. We are already doing better and i think we can break 90 stars if everyone does their part!

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