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    Cycle 12 (week 74) RrU events Review


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    Cycle 12 (week 74) RrU events Review

    Post by Slackers on Sun 20 Jul 2014, 22:01

    Hello fellow Reddit reUnited troopers,

    First time for me Slackers, to do this review. I'm reporting about the life in the shire ruled by Gandalf. Compared to last season our average donations have dropped slightly with 110. Than again it's summer and we get more inactivity notices. So with summer at it's full going we of course wish everyone a nice holiday, might they still be leaving for one. Do not forget to post an Inactivity Notice if you will be leaving on holiday so you won't get Gandalfs shoe to kick your butt, trust me he has some big foots.

    Our Clan Wars seem to be improving a lot. Great participation, better selection of targets for everyone and it seems that the results do show improvements in the quality of attacks. Keep in mind to only donate the requested troops for the CW CC, i sometimes see this going wrong, so please stay focused on your donations when you do want to help out a fellow clan member.

    Do not forget the changes on the second bullet in the Clan Rules Some people have faced the kicks for not participating in 2 wars in a row without leaving an inactivity notice.

    There is no Reddit Clan comparison yet, however i would like to encourage everyone to keep up the donations. Be not afraid to use your CC in every raid and request over and over. Good donations show great activity. Besides we are a clan where teamwork is essential. Not saying we are not doing good, our donations are very well compared to a few weeks ago, but improvements can still be made.

    Together we stand strong and can make reUnited the place to be. So let’s all be responsible for our personal behavior and become even more active, donate a lot and participate in Clan Wars. Let's make this a top Reddit Clan again!!!

    Numbers game

    Reddit reUnited stats:
    Total Reddit reUnited Trophies: 18,664
    Total Reddit reUnited Trophy record: 27,190 – Mar 30, 2014
    Reddit reUnited Global Trophy Rank: 12,058
    Reddit reUnited Global Trophy Rank record: 599 – Mar 30, 2014

    Top Trophies:
    1) ted – 2,274
    2) tristan - 2,196
    3) gorramts – 2,184
    4) eidwripper – 2,109
    5) Ron Mexico 88 – 2,107
    Highest Trophy count record: Vithus – 2,815 – Mar 30, 2014

    Top Donators:
    1) Gandalf – 3,738
    2) BallzJr. – 2,556
    3) Ron Mexico 88 – 2,363
    4) slackers – 2,216
    5) daniel – 2,153
    Highest Donation count record: Lobwan – 10,585 – Jun 9, 2013
    Total Donations: 43,186
    Average per person: 864
    Number of people over 1,000: 8
    Number of people over 2,000: 5
    Total donations count record: 68,322 – Mar 16, 2014

    Largest Raid:
    Only one contestant during this cycle and it was Ron Mexico 88:
    - Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 1,048,411
    - Total Damage: 55%
    - Gold: 566,221
    - Elixer: 478,443
    - Dark Elilxer: 3,747

    Largest Raid record: Splurt – Jan 23, 2014
    - Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 1,807,288
    - Total Damage: 94%
    - Gold: 572,892
    - Elixer: 893,496
    - Dark Elilxer: 3,409

    For the upcoming cycle you can post your screen shots at Big Raid Pics

    War stats:

    Victories: 15
    Losses: 12
    Draws: 2

    king      Reddit reunited vs. HappyClub     81-74

    scratch      Reddit reunited vs. USA Titans     83-83

    king      Reddit reunited vs. Mexican Blood     85-43

    Sad      Reddit reunited vs. [chinese name here]     86-88

    king      Reddit reunited vs. GREEK EMPIRE     84-71

    Sad      Reddit reunited vs. Thor’s Thunder     68-73

    Sad      Reddit reunited vs. ü30 Reloaded     58-93

    Sad      Reddit reunited vs. Le Clan Destin     81-88

    king      Reddit reunited vs. Zelus     82-70

    Sad      Reddit reunited vs. SVENSKA HJALTAR     77-94

    king      Reddit reunited vs. Up and About     70-49

    king      Reddit reunited vs. BRUNELS KINGDOM     73-61

    king      Reddit reUnited vs. Australia     103-64

    king      Reddit reUnited vs. madrid al cielo   87-58

    Sad      Reddit reUnited vs. seek&destroy    0-96

    Sad      Reddit reUnited vs. Shadow Rider     6-98

    king      Reddit reUnited vs. Aesirian Exiles    60-88

    king      Reddit reUnited vs. EliteSynery     84-74

    Sad      Reddit reUnited vs. MayFlower1     48-91

    king      Reddit reUnited vs. The vultures     98-96

    king      Reddit reUnited vs. ALIANCA BRASIL     96-91

    Sad      Reddit reUnited vs. Romania Master     82-97

    king      Reddit reUnited vs. Real Gladiators     101-32

    Sad      Reddit reUnited vs. COC Lodge     69-110

    Sad      Reddit reUnited vs. thoth     91-104

    Sad       Reddit reUnited vs. EJERCITOPERDIDO      83-101

    king      Reddit reUnited vs. HOLGER DANSKE 4     89-82

    king      Reddit reUnited vs. The Ourter Rim     95-77

    scratch      Reddit reUnited vs. astures     81-81

    Congratulations to everyone that made the cut this cycle. Also I would like to welcome the new members to our clan and say goodbye to the members that had to be removed because of not making the minimum donations or disobeying our rules in any other way. As always please reapply when you're active again and we are happy to take you back.

    Okay this wraps it up. Hope all goes well for everyone and if I missed anything please let me know!

    Clash on …


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    Re: Cycle 12 (week 74) RrU events Review

    Post by Gandalf on Sun 20 Jul 2014, 23:07

    Excellent first review Slackers, job well done!!

    I would like to repeat your words: "let's make this a top Reddit Clan again" as I fully agree with this ambition. To make this concrete:
    - Request as many troops as possible
    - Donate as many troops as possible, donate what is requested
    - Participate in clan wars and go for stars
    - Win the upcoming big Reddit war end of August, more to follow on this


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    Great Review

    Post by ..bLAzE.. on Sun 20 Jul 2014, 23:19

    Nice review Slackers! The last time I read one of these was probably week 14 Smile I caught a few grammatical errors in this but apart from that great review Smile Lo encanta

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    Re: Cycle 12 (week 74) RrU events Review

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