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    Clan wars suggestions



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    Clan wars suggestions

    Post by davidcoc on Sun 27 Jul 2014, 09:45

    Hey guys, here are some ideas that I would like to share that might improve our clan wars.
    1. First attack is against the person of your ranking in the enemy clan. If you are number 10 in our clan, you will attack number 10 in the enemy clan. This will make attacking more organized and fair. Discuss in clan chat about strategies and advice on how to attack the enemy clan for 2 stars (preferably). Members can take to a coleader or elder if they want to swap with another member.

    2. Your first attack will take place in the first 12 hours of the war. Your second attack will take place in the last 12 hours. This gives people enough time to get their first attack in on the person of their skill level.

    3. No bases should be the same design. If they are, the enemy clan will attack the same way to get easy stars.

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    Re: Clan wars suggestions

    Post by Gandalf on Sun 27 Jul 2014, 20:58

    Hi David, thx for posting. I like your ideas and will bring them up in chat for further discussion tonight when I logon. But I am pretty sure we will implement suggested refinements

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