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    War Issue Solution Poll (WISP)

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    War Issue Solution and Poll (WISP)

    Post by ..bLAzE.. on Tue 29 Jul 2014, 00:07

    Okay, there has been many ideas in the chat about the clan war issues. So I would like to write them all down here for everyone to see and make their choice. Please read all of them fully and make sure they are understood before making your choice in the poll.

    1. People attack direct opponent in the first 12hours (16-20 for Europeans) and from there, we will see what position we are in the discuss weather to initiate our second attack.

    2. A couple of volunteers keep track of the donation before war. E.g bLAzE leaves before war with 266 donations (which gets reset after he joins back; thus the need to keep track). And during war he gained another 156 donations, giving him the required 400. One/ some of the volunteers will afterwards message Gandalf/ Ron about who is clear.

    3. People not wanting to do  war leave before the search and join back (through invite) similar to idea number 2) but this time, for them to be allowed to leave and save the hassle of keeping track, the leavers must already have the 400 donations before hand or they won't be allowed back in. Also, this means in the last week of the season, people with 'new' below their name will be safe cause they had the 400 before and thats why they are still in the clan.

    It might mean a bit more work will be needed to be done with donations (for some) who do not want to participate before war to get 400 in 3 days, which is no trouble if you give what is requested on every request. 

    People wanting to remain in war (and are happy to do 2 attacks) can do so without knowing there will be people still left with 2 attacks in war cause they didnt want to be in it. And therefore not bringing the strength of the clan down.

    Personally and I'm sure others agree that idea 3 is most practical and a better a solution to the war isssue with people un-willing to attack.

    If people want a another section in the poll, just let me know in the chat in-game or a PM through here and I'll add it in if necessary. Also, state the 'Other' option you'd like in the reply section. In the reply for an  'other' statement, please in the title, write down '**OTHER**' so it will be easier to tell which is a reply and which is part of the other section or a new idea.

    Thanks Smile bLAzE out.

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    Re: War Issue Solution and Poll (WISP)

    Post by Gandalf on Tue 29 Jul 2014, 01:09

    bLAzE, I appreciate you putting this together but I do not feel these are the right poll questions. Therefore I closed the poll and moved your ideas and David's into a new post to facilitate an open discussion first.

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