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    Elder campaign and election


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    Elder campaign and election

    Post by Gandalf on Sat 09 Aug 2014, 21:58

    These are the next steps in the elder selection process:

    1. The 4 candidates BallzJr., bLAZe, Sir and sKILLS3741 are allowed a short campaign in chat and forum till Monday;
    2. Tuesday a poll will be created here on forum and everybody can vote for their favorite candidate. Poll will be open 2 days;
    3. Friday we will announce the winner


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    Re: Elder campaign and election

    Post by Sir on Sun 10 Aug 2014, 02:17

    Good luck to all in the election!

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    Re: Elder campaign and election

    Post by BallsJr on Sun 10 Aug 2014, 06:22

    Agreed! Good luck to all that run! It'll be a great election!

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    Re: Elder campaign and election

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