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    BallzJr.'s Tips for Pushing!


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    BallzJr.'s Tips for Pushing!

    Post by BallsJr on Fri 22 Aug 2014, 19:58

    Hey there folks! BallzJr. here with an exciting guide to push! 

    So there are many things you need to do in order to have a good push. At the end of it, you need to have at LEAST 650 TFS points! 

    TH8s: 2250 cups.

    TH9s: 2450 cups.

    TH10s: 2650 cups. 

    Here's the deal. I made it to 2798 as a TH8 in a week. There are lots of things to consider. Here are my best tips for the push.

    1: PUSH EARLY! I know a LOT of people are going to be getting up higher earlier because that'll help them have the MAX amount of cups by the end of the push. Get more cups early!!!

    2: SAVE YO ELIX, YO. Not only elixer, but gold too! You gotta have some serious gold (especially TH8s looking for snipes) to next for long periods of time. I saved 7 mil elix for this push. BARCH IT UP to get some elixer ASAP, push is very soon! SAVE SAVE SAVE, DON'T UPGRADE ANYTHING ANYMORE.

    3: Find a strat that works. I have BARCHed my way up to 2400 easily. Go for the 50%. Or just look for snipes. Make sure you're cautious, too. Teslas make me cry for snipes. If you snipe, GO FOR 50% TOO! You can probably get 2 stars and rise in cups faster if you look at the base carefully. Find buildings you can pick off, get the crucial percentage. 

    4: Count the buildings! Assuming that each base has 5 builders huts, when facing these town hall levels, these are the amount of buildings you must clear for a 50%.
    -TH8: 31
    -TH9: 36
    -TH10: 40
    use the 30 seconds that it gives you to count up outside buildings. Can you get most of them? Use lightning spells on builder huts in the middle or king/queen alters! 50% that base, I know you can! Memorize this!

    5: Once you start getting to a certain level, you might want your TH out. I'm TH9 (Early) and I'm probably going to expose my TH around 2800. I'd rather get 1 and MAYBE 2 starred by some sniper than 3 starred by a big time pusher. Might be worth the risk. Figure out what range works for you to expose yourself to the world. 

    6: Stay online. A lot. I sometimes might be on for like 8 hours a day if I have the time. Raid as much as you can, because people will take your precious trophies away up in the big leagues. You gotta be on a lot, get going. You have no time to waste.

    7: Ask a clanmate. Watch some youtube videos. Find out what works best! I've been watching tons of videos and I'm aiming for champs. 

    There is a lot to go over so add anything that I may have missed, post it in the comments. We've got a lot to do, so get to work! Good luck to everyone!


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    Re: BallzJr.'s Tips for Pushing!

    Post by Gandalf on Sat 23 Aug 2014, 03:43

    Great job Ballz!!

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    Re: BallzJr.'s Tips for Pushing!

    Post by Slackers on Sat 23 Aug 2014, 11:43

    Like the tios, im going to try put th outside and get easy shields

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    Re: BallzJr.'s Tips for Pushing!

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