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    For you, my young Ballz - gowiwipe on #18 Explanation



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    For you, my young Ballz - gowiwipe on #18 Explanation

    Post by Sep on Thu 11 Sep 2014, 12:18

    Hey ballz, here's my explanation for what I did on #18.

    First off, why did I attack #18 with this strat?:

    -It's very open. very few compartments, and fairly easy to get into the core.
    -Was easy to predict that his Teslas would be around his TH even though there are lots of open spaces.
    -I love gowiwipe. <3 Smile

    The Troop Comp:

    -Spells: 1 Lightning (for cc troops), 2 Rage, 1 Heal (didnt have it with me though).
    -CC Troops: 2 lvl2 Witches, 1 lvl6 Wizard, 2 lvl6 Barbs.
    -My own troops: 3 lvl3 Pekkas, 2 lvl2 Golems, 16 lvl5 Wizards, 10 lvl5 Wallbreakers, 1 lvl6 Barb.
    -lvl 10 Barb king, lvl 11 AQ (didnt have her with me though).

    The Strat and how it played out:

    So generally with gowiwipe (better than gowipe and better than gowiwi for -3star attacks- IMO. Go wipe/wiwi better for just 2starring), you want to find an area that doesnt take too many troops to get into. You place down your golems in two -different- places on a single side of the base, where you plan to attack from. Use preferably less than half of your wizards to clear a path for your pekkas/witches to go in, and then get your wallbreakers going in. after your wallbreakers open up a compartment, you want to drop your cc with the witches (which act like mini-tanks because of how fast they spawn the skeles), followed by your pekkas/heroes/more wizards. Rage + drop more wb's to get into core, meanwhile your golems will be tanking shots from all over the base because they're in different areas, leaving your pekkas/heroes/wizards to go ham in the core.

    Now, my idea for #18 was to come in from the east corner because the cc was closest to that side + both hereoes were nearby and would help pull my troops into the core.

    Starting out, I dropped a golem on the eastern lvl11 cannon and the other golem on the lvl10 archer tower on the east side. Afterwards, i dropped 6 wizards behind the golems to clear a path for the following troops. I then dropped 2 wallbreakers behind both golems, (4/10 used) to get my golems into the compartments/tank up more dps. I dropped another 2 WB to the right of that mortar on the east side to get me into the middle ring. The CC ended up getting pulled here by a wizard that was hitting the wall (near the core) so I waiting till the cc wizards grouped up, and then i dropped a lightning spell to take them out. 

    Here is where I messed up (dropping stuff too slowly, even though it was in the correct order). I dropped my CC with the witches + more wallbreakers + Rage spell ontop of the eastern mortar, followed by my 3 pekkas. Because I dropped the pekkas too slowly, they ended up going into the compartment with the golem which ended up working out fine. Had I dropped them sooner, all 3 would have gone into the core. Because of the rage spell I dropped on the mortar, the witches/wallbeakers took out the wall to get into the center. This got his king's attention. I then dropped my king + more wizards (again, too slow, shoulda dropped them sooner) which were targetting the king, so this pulled them right into the core as well as one of my pekkas which made his way back into the core. I then raged the core with my wizards/pekka/king and basically just all of his defenses died. I would have used my heal spell here if I had it with me lol. I used My king's ability when he was about half health.

    At this point his core is dead, my king is dead, I'm out of spells and basically just waiting for my troops to do their thing. Because the compartments of this base were so large (anti hog base), the pekkas that went around due to me dropping them too slowly ended up taking out everything while all my bros in the center took out his core's defenses. My troops ended up having enough health to easily take the 3 star. 

    Note: if I had my AQ with me, I would have droppped her with my king (but dropping both of them sooner) to have more DPS in the center of his base.

    And that's how it's done. Smile I'll be using gowiwipe for my 2nd attack as well.. If I 3star it I'll post an explanation of that attack as well.

    GL with your attacks bb. :^)


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    Re: For you, my young Ballz - gowiwipe on #18 Explanation

    Post by BallsJr on Thu 11 Sep 2014, 12:50

    I love it. I will be attempting many more 3 stars in the future to try and maximize our CW stars, thank you!

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