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    Analyzing war bases vs Reddit Raiders


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    Analyzing war bases vs Reddit Raiders

    Post by Slackers on Sat 14 Mar 2015, 10:29

    Hi guys!

    So since we are trying to improve on clan wars i'm trying to analyse bases more often and make visualizations of them so we can plan on our attacks better. I hope you guys learn form it and do it by yourself. There are several options to do this. Now i'm not a hero at drawing on a small screen so i did this on my desktop. 

    Using bluestacks to run clash on my desktop. Used Lightshot to take the screenshot and draw in it before uploading it to the web of saving it to my pc.

    I hope we all will start doing this more often and share them more often on here to learn from it.

    First request was done by bigbadBB on nr 36. So here we go!

    Edit: Analyzing this base was done before it even got attacked.

    Traps: (Full size image:

    When you open this image on full size you will see my explanation on what i did analyse.

    • Red: Possible Giant bombs

    The most obvious would be between 2 defensive buildings. We find these on hte left bottom (mortar and wizzard tower) and on the right top (air defense and canon)

    • Blue: Possible Tesla's

    In my thought the most obvious is near the town hall. The reason is simple, he put his town hall so far out i think since his defenses are quite on the top side he got a strong surprise around that townhall.

    • Green: Possible spring traps

    Easily said the lines show how the hogs could path and where the space is open for spring traps to fit in.

    Attack from the TH side? (Full image size:

    Now you could say attackign and rushing for that TH is the smartest thing. You probably think that because the townhall is on the out side. Now my thoughts are as follow. I have put red circles on all the defensive buildings assuming the tesla's are around the TH then, even then. Most defensive buildings are on the top side.
    Including the BK, AW and CC. which will be triggered together with the X-bows doing long range damage on your troops. This will make it hard to even reach the 50%. Most likely since the extra %'s are on the top.

    Extra's (Full size image:

    These yellow marked buildings have high HP. Your troops will stay on them for a long long time taking damage from the defenses surrounding them.

    Note: There is a red doodle on the left top. There is a piece of wall missing there. Could be yet another spring trap there.

    Air defenses (Full image size:

    As you can see all air defenses are inside the base. Not all in 1 section. Neither are they touching the outside so their hard to reach to easily take down. You have to at least get across other defenses first. Also their not set up symmetrical. Making it harder to predict the route that your loons will be taking before they even take out all these AD's

    So we know we can't go full hogs.
    An air raid could be 1 option. Probably quadra or penta LaLoonian. But is it the best? I don't know. If it will be i would go form the TH side.
    Could also go GoGiWiWi (golem giant wizzard witch) and let them big giants tank while dealing loads of damage. Meanwhile the clean up follows form the wizzards and witches.
    Last but not least another option you could do is GoWiWi.
    Perhaps HoLo  clean up (Hog Loon) could work as long the hogs and loons work well together and make sure your clean up troops are safe from taking out buidligns without dying. Then again the CC and AQ will be able to clear the hogs way to fast.

    Got any better advice for bigbadBB? Let us know!

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