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    We Are United Once Again


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    We Are United Once Again

    Post by Bilal_RRU on Thu 20 Feb 2014, 10:26

    When I first joined this clan in May of last year I felt right at home. Over the year we have shown time and time again that reUnited is a strong Clan with fearless members ready to fight for its name. We have shown this in clan wars and in donations. We continue to break new boundaries which distinguish us as one of the best Clans there is. 
    Being an elder of reUnited is a huge responsibility, and I feel I have what it takes to meet these requirements. My vision for the clan is that we continue our high standards every cycle. But we must strive for more. reUnited is still young, and so choosing me will ensure we can get through any difficulties and trials. Without overcoming these difficulties, we can not grow as a clan.

    Choosing me an Elder, I will ensure all new members are welcome into this great clan. Maintain the high standards which reUnited has, and will strive to ensure all members are enjoying their Clash experience. 

    A wise man once said "Generosity is it's own form of power." And so it would be generous if you vote for me as Elder.

    Good Luck to all the other Candidates, May the Best Man Win.


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    brasser united

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    Re: We Are United Once Again

    Post by brasser united on Thu 20 Feb 2014, 11:06

    Hmmmm I liked the quote.. Very Happy  Cool

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    Re: We Are United Once Again

    Post by BobTheB0$$_DUCK EDITION on Sat 22 Feb 2014, 09:12

    Brasser there is no way that is a picture of a 16 yr old.

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    Re: We Are United Once Again

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