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    Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review


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    Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review

    Post by Gandalf on Sun 02 Mar 2014, 20:59

    Hello RrU,
    Hello again my fellow reUnited troopers Gandalf here with another review of life in The Shire. Yet again we went through an exciting cycle with the elder elections being a major part of that. I was overwhelmed by the number of applicants that sent me a PM showing their interest in becoming elder. As we simply had too many candidates the elders had to make some tough decisions and narrow down the list to facilitate an orderly campaign. In all our wisdom it was decided that Bilal, Jörgen, sKILLS3741, Ted and Tom would make it into the campaign and elections. After a few days of heavy campaigning on Election Day 28 members made the effort to vote for their favorite candidate and with 46% of the votes for Tom and 25% for Bilal it was a pretty clear cut decision for the elders and we decided to follow the majority vote and promote Bilal and Tom to elder. Gratz guys with your well deserved promotion. Equally important I would like to thank once again everybody that applied for the job and Jörgen, sKILLS3741 and Ted for their outstanding efforts making the elections so exciting and lively. Well done guys!!!
    Looking ahead the next big thing is around the corner as from Mar 17 till Mar 23 we will participate in the next Reddit clan war. So make sure to plan your upgrades smartly, have your Elixer Storages completely piled up and for those of you that find pushing a bit stressful start late but peak on time and help us push reUnited to the top of the leaderboard. More details can be found by following this link: Springbreak Spectacular Special
    Ever repeating reminder; our rules are posted at Reddit reUnited Clan Rules. There is no more need for signing anymore. Simply be familiar with our rules and follow them as not living the rules could get you into trouble. Also, if you feel you are not going to be able to make the minimum donations due to school, vacation or for any reason please let us know at Inactivity Notice. Our official Reddit reUnited YouTube channel hosted by Tom.
    comparison of all Reddit clans, look for the latest comparison table and you will find reUnited in the ‘farming’ section
    Numbers time...
    Reddit reUnited stats:
    Total Reddit reUnited Trophies: 16,954
    Total Reddit reUnited Trophy record: 21,379 – Oct 28, 2013
    Reddit reUnited Global Trophy Rank: 22,957
    Reddit reUnited Global Trophy Rank record: 1,406 – Oct 28, 2013
    Top Trophies:
    1) cheesypie777 – 2,051
    2) gorramts – 2,040
    3) heathenhammer – 1,909
    4) Jörgen – 1,872
    5) ted – 1,826
    Highest Trophy count record: Splurt – 2,720 – Oct 28, 2013
    Top Donators:
    1) Bilal – 2,640
    2) eidwripper – 2,087
    3) Gandalf – 2,040
    4) Seebrify – 1,902
    5) super – 1,837
    Highest Donation count record: Lobwan – 10,585 – Jun 9, 2013
    Total Donations: 44,862
    Average per person: 897
    Number of people over 1,000: 18
    Number of people over 2,000: 3
    Total donations count record: 61,111 – Sep 1, 2013
    Largest Raid:
    Slackers posted a couple of nice raids but the monster raid of the cycle came from Bilal:
    - Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 1,456,131
    - Total Damage: 100%
    - Gold: 603,797
    - Elixer: 681,734
    - Dark Elilxer: 1,706

    Largest Raid record: Splurt – Jan 23, 2014
    - Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 1,807,288
    - Total Damage: 94%
    - Gold: 572,892
    - Elixer: 893,496
    - Dark Elilxer: 3,409

    For the upcoming cycle you can post your screen shots at Big Raid pics
    Congratulations to everyone that made the cut this cycle. Some good donations this cycle and I encourage everyone to even do better with the upcoming war around the corner. The ones that cycle after cycle just make the cut at the finest hour I request to make up your mind whether you want to be active and engaged or give up your spot to another person that is active and would love live in The Shire. Also I would like to welcome the new members to our clan and say goodbye to the members that had to be removed because of not making the minimum donations or disobeying our rules in any other way. As always please reapply when active again and we are happy to take you back.
    Okay this wraps it up. Thanks everyone for your massive support in moving over and the epic start of Reddit reUnited! Hope all goes well for everyone and if I missed anything please let me know!
    Clash on …


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    Re: Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review

    Post by Tom_RRU on Sun 02 Mar 2014, 21:09

    Awesome period guys! Keep up the amazing work.

    great review as always gand Smile


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    Re: Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review

    Post by lanyang on Sun 02 Mar 2014, 21:13

    nice review gand! good job to all, 18 people with over 1k donations (:

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    Re: Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review

    Post by Slackers on Sun 02 Mar 2014, 22:26

    Very nice review! Donations went great this season.

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    Re: Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review

    Post by Lobwan on Mon 03 Mar 2014, 00:45

    Nice review Gand, thanks!

    Good work everyone on a great season.

    Clash on...

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    Re: Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review

    Post by Seebrify on Mon 03 Mar 2014, 01:03

    Great review! Feels good to be one of the top donators Very Happy

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    Re: Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review

    Post by Bilal_RRU on Mon 03 Mar 2014, 01:19

    great review as always. (ps. Seeb, love the signature xD)

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    Re: Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review

    Post by Seebrify on Mon 03 Mar 2014, 06:30

    Thanks Bilal! Anyone can feel free to also use this paint masterpiece if they want to  Cool

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    Re: Cycle 2 (week 54) RrU events review

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