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    How to win the clan war


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    How to win the clan war

    Post by Gandalf on Fri 14 Mar 2014, 22:58

    With the beginning of the war around the corner some additional tips and tricks how we can be on top of the leader-board!!!

    1. The easiest way to earn points is everybody participating or at least make sure you have more trophies than your baseline (= TH level x 200)
    2. Use your clan castle as often as needed
    3. Don't be cheap on donations (as an example having to train 5 additional archers adds only half a minute on your total training time). Dons, dons, dons!!!
    4. Raid for 2 sessions a day if you can - therefore only ever taking 2 losses per day and making sure you gain more trophies than you lose on a daily basis
    5. The higher you will get the more you will have to use spells to win the battle
    6. When using gems only use them for spell factory boost as this gives you the highest return on investment
    7. Start on time, peak on time, don't stress out it's just a game

    Some army composition tips from Tom: 

    • 1500 – 2200 trophies: Barch
    • 2200 – 2800 trophies: Hogs + Heal spells
    • 2800+ trophies: Balloonions +Rage spells

    Let the war begin, all participate and make reUnited look good, be generous and most importantly have FUN  jocolor 

    Clash on...

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    Re: How to win the clan war

    Post by Seebrify on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 04:49

    Great post!  Very Happy

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    Re: How to win the clan war

    Post by Slackers on Mon 17 Mar 2014, 05:52

    Lets get to work guys!

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    Re: How to win the clan war

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