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    Cycle 3 (Week 56) RrU events review


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    Cycle 3 (Week 56) RrU events review

    Post by Bilal_RRU on Sun 16 Mar 2014, 14:15

    Greetings reUnited
    Bilal here with his first review in the life in Reddit reUnited. This cycle has been a busy 2 weeks with people rushing to reach the 400 donations before the deadline in preparation for the war. Also the last couple of days saw most of us already pushing for those trophies, so far over 25 people reaching crystal league. 

    If you didn't already know the push starts tomorrow (17th March) and runs for 1 week (23rd March) with over 30 other Reddit clans. For more details, follow the link here: WAR! The Springbreak Spectacular!

    Some repeating reminders, our rules are posted here: Clan Rules. There is no need to sign the post but just familiarise yourself with the rules. 
    If you feel you are not going to make the minimum donations, please let us know at Inactivity Notice. 

    Our Official Youtube Channel hosted by Tom: Reddit ReUnited Youtube

    Number Crunching
    Reddit reUnited Stats:
    Total Reddit reUnited Trophies: 22,911
    Total Reddit reUnited Trophy Record: 22,911 - Mar 16, 2014 (NEW RECORD)
    Reddit reUnited Global Trophy Rank: 1,541
    Reddit reUnited Global Trophy Rank record: 1,406 - Oct 28, 2013

    Top Trophies:
    1) Tom - 2,996
    2) Bilal - 2,713
    3) Seebrify - 2,535
    4) Bloodraven - 2,514
    5) Vithus - 2,489
    Highest Trophy Count Record: Tom - 2,996 - Mar 16, 2014 (NEW RECORD)

    Top Donators:
    1) Bloodraven - 6,761
    2) Bilal - 3,645
    3) Gandalf -3,223
    4) super - 3,229
    5) Tom - 2,882
    Highest Donation Count Record: Lobwan - 10,585 - Jun 9, 2013
    Total Donations: 68,322
    Average per person: 1,366
    Number of people over 1000: 23
    Number of people over 2000: 10
    Total Donations Count Record: 68,322 - Mar 16, 2014 (NEW RECORD)

    Largest Raid
    No raids posted this cycle Sad

    Largest Raid Record: Splurt - Jan 23, 2014
    - Total Raid Score (Gold + Elixir + 100 x Dark Elixir): 1,807,288
    - Total Damage: 94%
    - Gold: 572,892
    - Elixir: 893,496
    - Dark Elixir: 3,409

    Last Regards
    Congratulations to everyone who made the cut this cycle, there were no kicks this cycle. Just wanted to say well done to everyone for a great cycle, as you can see we managed to break a few records both in trophies and donations, you can all pat yourself on the back! Very Happy

    Tomorrow the war starts so get ready to hunt for those trophies, lets break even more records this week and try and make it into the Top 200 Global! Remember you don't have to be in Champions League to contribute, just being above your baseline trophy amount means you are contributing to the war, explained more in detail here. But we encourage you to go as high as you can Very Happy

    Clash on reUnited!

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    Re: Cycle 3 (Week 56) RrU events review

    Post by Gandalf on Sun 16 Mar 2014, 20:27

    Excellent first review Bilal!!! Great job guys on all the new records. I am sure we will meek it to the top of the leaderboards with this fantastic crew. Keep up the good work!

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    Re: Cycle 3 (Week 56) RrU events review

    Post by Seebrify on Mon 17 Mar 2014, 05:24

    Very Happy

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    Re: Cycle 3 (Week 56) RrU events review

    Post by Slackers on Mon 17 Mar 2014, 05:47

    A very nice review Bilal! Keep up the great work.

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    Re: Cycle 3 (Week 56) RrU events review

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