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    Cycle 7 (Week 64)

    Ron Mexico 88

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    Cycle 7 (Week 64)

    Post by Ron Mexico 88 on Mon 12 May 2014, 08:14

    Hey guys! It's your Co-Leader here, Ron Mexico with another quick review in the life of ReUnited. Sadly there wasn't a review for last cycle but lucky we have one this time. Over the past few weeks we have loss a lot of friends and elders who have been around a long time which is always sad to see but we welcome new faces and what tomorrow brings! With that said we are still improving our overall average donations, our trophy, and our world rank as well as a positive record in our wars with clans. To all our new people make sure to register on this forum, and sign the rules if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask.

    First of all lets re-introduce some of the rules again for everyone to see:   

          Archers are default, unless requested differently

    • Minimum donations are agreed by leader and elders and could be set each week. Current requirements are:
      Minimum donations 400 by the end of cycle. Only persons with new behind their name at the end of cycle are exempt from minimum donations requirement. 
      Although the minimum donations is an absolute requirement we are encouraging going above and beyond as the more we donate to each other the faster all individuals can advance through the game making the clan stronger as a whole. Leader and elders are keeping an eye out on individuals requesting for troops all the time while making the bare minimum on donations. Those individuals will be on the watch list and could end up on the sh.. list

    • DND = Do Not Donate. This is a warning signal not to disturb a big donation like dragons or healers people have agreed to, use it and watch out for it

    • SDP = Scroll Down and donate Please. This is a signal there are still clan members with a request for troops unfulfilled down in the chat. If you see SDP and you have not donated please scroll down and help your fellow clan member

    • Leave an Inactivity Notice on this forum if going to be inactive for more than a week (and not reach the minimum required donations set for that week)

    • No indecent behavior, illegal actions, be polite and help each other

    • Leaving the clan without any prior notification and good reason that is agreed by the (co-)leader and/or elders will be irreversible as you will not be accepted back into Reddit ReUnited

    Time for some more Numbers:

    Reddit ReUnited Stats:

    Total Reddit ReUnited Trophies: 18,363 Points (improvement from last week)

    • Reddit ReUnited Trophy Record: 27,190- March 30, 2014

    Reddit ReUnited Global Rank: 11,269 (improvement from last week)

    • Reddit ReUnited Global Rank Record: 599- March 30, 2014

    Top Trophies:

    1.) Lobwan-    2,609
    2.) MKappy7-  2,122
    3.) gorramts-  2,042
    4.) Havoc-      2,040
    5.) BallsJr.-     1974

    Highest Trophy Count Record: Vithus - 2,815-March 30, 2014

    Top Donators:

    1.)Ron Mexico-   2,885
    2.)Super-           2,838
    3.)BallsJr.-         2,117
    4.)gorramts-      1765
    5.)Sir-               1514

    Highest Donation Count Record: Lobwan- 10,585 - June 9, 2013
    Total donations: 35,679 (4,455 more than last time!)
    Average per person: 743 (100+ more than last time!)
    Number of people over 1000: 6 (Ron,Super,BallsJr,Gorramts,Sir,Heatherhammer)
    Number of people over 2000: 2 (Ron, Super.)  bounce 
    Total Donations Count Record: 68,322 - March 16, 2014

    Largest Raid

    Slackers- April 30, 2014

    • Total Raid Score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x DE):

    • Total Damage: 58%

    • Gold: 344,322

    • Elixer:334,201

    • Dark Elixer: 697

    Largest Raid Record: Splurt- Jan 23, 2014

    • Total Raid Score (Gold + Elixer +100 x Dark Elixir): 1,807,288

    • Total Damage: 94%

    • Gold: 572,892

    • Elixir: 893,496

    • Dark Elixir: 3,409


    Overall Record: 5-4-1

       scratch  Reddit ReUnited vs. astures

     king REddit ReUnited vs. The Ourter Rim

      Reddit ReUnited vs. HOLGER DANSKE 4

     Sad Reddit ReUnited vs. EJERCITOPERDIDO

     Sad Reddit ReUnited vs. thoth

     Sad Reddit ReUnited vs. COC Lodge

     king Reddit ReUnited vs. Real Gladiators

     Sad Reddit ReUnited vs. Romania Master

     king Reddit ReUnited vs. ALIANCA BRASIL

    Final thoughts:

    Our clan is still growing as we all continue to grow stronger as a clan. Remember that we are a very strong clan but there will always be stronger clans. Do not get discourage about losing wars, I know that losing wars isn't fun but in the long run they really do not affect us, only help us with loot in the end. We have been matching up with strong clans with th10s because we are very strong ourselves and technically it should be fairly even match. Use these battles to challenge yourself and as a learning moment that will help you push on our next push because when you get into masters and higher, there are very little th9s or th8s to pick on. In regards to participation in the wars the other elders and I will get together to see if we can come up our personal clan rules about participation in the wars and whether or not there is a need for some sort of punishment or penalty.

    In regards to the elders that have left, there is a need for new elders once again!  cyclops  We haven't decided if we are just going to nominate one or two ourselves or if we will have elections again (maybe a little of both). But I would like to see it happen by the end of this week or early next week if possible. With our new elders and what seems to me (hopefully) our more dormant elders slowly coming back from hibernating   Sleep .  Very Happy . We will be back on track in no time.

    Much love RrU!

    -Ron Mexico

    Edit 2: Any suggestions/comments about the participation in clan wars please comment below.

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    Re: Cycle 7 (Week 64)

    Post by Gandalf on Tue 13 May 2014, 03:25

    As always excellent review and fully agree on your enlightened reflection of Clan Wars Smile


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    Re: Cycle 7 (Week 64)

    Post by Sir on Tue 13 May 2014, 09:11

    I believe that everyone should at least put their townhall inside their base to help the clan in clan wars.
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    Re: Cycle 7 (Week 64)

    Post by nobius on Wed 14 May 2014, 09:11

    I think that people not on inactivity noticed should be kicked if they miss two CWs in a row.


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    Re: Cycle 7 (Week 64)

    Post by sKILLS3741 on Wed 14 May 2014, 14:41

    Gand please read the PM i sent you. Thanks!

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    Re: Cycle 7 (Week 64)

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