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    My take on the clan


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    My take on the clan

    Post by BallsJr on Sun 18 May 2014, 06:25

    So I've been in Reddit reUnited for a little over a month and a half I believe and there are some things I've noticed. This is my opinion on the clan as a big clasher. 

    1: I left Reddit Echo for this clan. This clan looked more active and interesting than Echo and even though they were nice people over there, the chat was very scarce and it was tough to clash a ton because there was a bit of arguing over there. The leader was slightly inactive a lot and didn't seem to moderate the clan very often which I know is a difficult thing to do but nobody would fill my donation requests with EXACTLY what I asked for (e.g. ONLY WIZARDS, DO NOT GIVE ME ARCHERS OR ANYTHING ELSE UNLESS I HAVE 1 SPOT LEFT. ONLY THE WIZARDS. PLEASE" and then I got archers and barbs) I saw that I met requirements for you guys and you seemed active, so it was a good start.

    2: Recent updates and fighting: I think this clan is great. When I started off, you guys were friendly and funny and always encouraging to me. Not everyone, but I won't name names to people who were a little rude to others at times. I've seen a lot of complaining and arguing ever since Clan Wars came out and I understand it, but... I think something should change. It seems as if people are becoming more and more inactive. 400 donations is easy to hit and that seems to be the only requirement. I get it if you're too busy to attack in a clan war (even though it shouldn't be THAT hard to queue up and army, wait, and then attack at least one, it takes 5 minutes to attack) but we get so discouraged and frustrated and argue over everything. There are some people I NEVER see in the chat and it stinks to see that, but that's not up to me to do anything about that. I just think that people are a bit inactive and have been arguing a lot.

    3: Clan Wars. We've lost 5 and had 1 draw. Sure we've had some tough matchups, but it's kind of tough. I know we have 3 th10s, and we mostly have th9s, but I see a lot of lower level attacking. I know we need stars but I ONLY attack th9s (as a th8) now because I see th9s attacking th8s. It seems like we're always scared to attack th10s because of scary inferno towers but we need to start doing that. Find strategies and I know that GoWiPe and GoWiWi are good strategies but I don't see them used on th10s very often in our clan. Also, when we get down in the war, we just give up. We have NO confidence and just assume we lose BECAUSE we have people who just don't attack. The wars aren't meant to give it our all, but we really can't when everyone is so negative. 

    4: Last, maybe a crazy idea. I get that lots of people have been loyal to the clan for a long time, or meet the donation requirements each season, but when doing comparison tables 2 seasons ago, I noticed that Reddit Light kicked about 16 people from their clan. Maybe it should be time with all of the frustration in the clan and negativity to kick a lot of people. I know they may not think it's fair, but just say "if you want to be a very active member of the clan, please re-apply" or something, but I think we might need some new faces. If that involves kicking me, then so be it, because I know I'm not very good. But if we got some new members it might help us out because I know that has been a problem because a lot of people are negative. I know it sounds stupid, and I KNOW that this will be shot down, controversial, etc, but maybe some sort of system should be worked out. The rules seem to be loosely in place and we just get warning most of the time, but I still feel like something should be changed. If you don't want me in the clan and think I'm stupid, you can kick me, but I like the clan a lot and think that with the right attitude and motivation, we can really do well. 

    I'm going to Reddit Champs next week, and I will represent Reddit reUnited with pride. I will attempt to pull people toward our clan, ask for strategies, and how their clans work, but I hope things will improve. I will be gone all of next season so that after Champs is done, I may visit my friends' clans and help them out (hopefully I'll be in masters 2 or something) but I will be back the next season. I'd love to hear what you guys think about this, let me know. Thanks for a long read. 


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