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    Summer Trophy Push


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    Summer Trophy Push Empty Summer Trophy Push

    Post by Gandalf Thu 24 Jul 2014, 03:13

    The next big Reddit clan war (Summer Trophy Push ) will start Sunday 24th August 10pm GMT - Sunday 31st August 10pm GMT (when the results will be recorded). 30+ clans are already on the list of participation. The last Reddit war (Spring Spectacular ) we ended in 9th place out of 34. This war we are going to raise the bar by claiming a top 3 spot!
    As in the last war the rules are according the Trooper Fairness System (TFS). The beauty of the system is it allows everybody to equally contribute and earn points for the clan and basically does not give any advantage to the level of your town hall: 

    • Each player has a baseline trophy amount. This amount is 200 x Player Town Hall Level. For example: A TH7 player would have a baseline trophy amount of 200 x 7 = 1400. A TH9 player would have 200 x 9 = 1800.
    • At the end of the War, the player's final trophy amount has the baseline subtracted, giving that player's Trophy Contribution.

    Below the rules of engagement for Reddit reUnited to make it into the top 3:

    • Participation is mandatory and a minimum contribution of 650 points according the TFS is required
    • Persons not making the minimum contribution will be removed
    • Only persons with Inactivity Notice are exempt from participation but when inactive we count on you to have your TH protected in the center of your base. Inactive really means inactive and the reUnited management team will monitor abuse. Persons making abuse of Inactivity and/or not having TH protected in the center of their base will be removed
    • We will not have regular in-game clan wars the week prior to and the week of the push to be able to fill up Elixer and Dark Elixir storages

    Some guidelines for preparation and pushing:

    • When you are close to upgrading your TH possibly postpone the upgrade till just after start of the push as by waiting a bit you will already have earned 200 points as the baseline is set at start of the push
    • When you have limitations during the push start gaining trophies in advance of the push as the TFS has no rules around the number of trophies at start of pushing
    • Ideally during the push nothing is under construction so plan your upgrades to finish ahead of the push. We do understand construction will still happen but plan on having your heroes available for the complete push as you will need them (both)
    • Set yourself an ambitious and realistic target for the number of cups you want to achieve and try to determine when you should start gaining cups to make this target at the end of the push. This could be earlier than the official start of the Summer Trophy Push
    • Don't stress out during the push. That is why your target needs to be realistic and planning is crucial. Know yourself and if you experienced these kind of events to be stressful do NOT START TOO EARLY
    • Prioritize Elixer upgrades from now until the time you need to start saving up for Elixer to have full storages when you start the push. The reason for this is that Elixer upgrades will make your offense stronger and will help out greatly for pushing
    • Prepare to have full Elixer storages and sufficient Dark Elixer at the start of your push to have sufficient resources to train troops during the push
    • During the push protect your TH in the center of your base (if you don't have a good base check on forum Raid my Base and Clan Wars sections or Google it as there are plenty of proven bases on the net) and protect your (Dark) Elixer storages spread out in your base. In case you are running low on Elixer despite careful preparation move your TH outside to allow for TH snipe and avoid losing too many resources until you are stacked up sufficiently to move TH back into the center
    • The NEXT button is your best friend while pushing. Be patient and only attack bases that you know you can win. Losing a raid while pushing is one of the worst things to happen
    • If you want to use gems only use them for boosting Spell Factory, Barracks and Heroes. Do not gem troops as this is a waste of gems.

    Well that wraps it up. Please provide your feedback or any other thoughts/ideas to make this an unforgettable event.

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    Ron Mexico 88
    Ron Mexico 88

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    Summer Trophy Push Empty Re: Summer Trophy Push

    Post by Ron Mexico 88 Thu 24 Jul 2014, 04:30

    Awesome advice Gand! I think that top 3 clan is achievable.

    Like Gand said set a goal of trophies that you can reach. I believe that every th8 can or at least get close to masters as proven by Tristan and actually a friend of mine did it right after in with only barch and wbs. It only took him about a week.
    I think that th9s can make it into high masters maybe even champs and if our th10s make it to champs I believe that would be enough for Reddit reunited to be one of the top clans. I hope that everybody contributes as we are going to need everybody to contribute.

    If you are a new th9 or th10 plz try and focus on upgrading the most important buildings such as xbows, wiz towers, mortars, and especially army camps! If you are a new th9 and have ur army camps done you have just as many troops as a maxed our th9 and can attack like one.

    Remember that this is a week long push so do not use all your elixir in the first couple of days. Use a cheap elixir army (i.e..barch or some for of it) to get as high as you can for a couple of days. Then when the going gets tough bust out the big guns and force your way up.

    NEXT is your best friend while pushing. Be patient and only attack bases that you know you can win. Losing a raid is one of the worse things you could do. It is not unheard of to push the next button 40, 50 even 60 times finding an easy base.

    edit: I will be posting a lot of guides and more bases that I think will help people.

    Town Hall 9 Gowiwi Tutorial 2 Star Most Town Hall 10s! !

    Inspire 8 videos from daddy(before the update with the heroes nerfed but it still has some attacks in it)

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    Summer Trophy Push Empty Re: Summer Trophy Push

    Post by Slackers Wed 13 Aug 2014, 11:19

    Let the pre-push begin!

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    Summer Trophy Push Empty Re: Summer Trophy Push

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