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    Elder election!


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    Elder election! Empty Elder election!

    Post by BallsJr Mon 04 Aug 2014, 08:50

    Hey folks, BallzJr here!

    I wanted to post my elder election campaign notes here! I've heard lots about there being an election for elders and I thought a small campaign would be nice! First off, good luck to all the other candidates who are running to be the next elder and thank you so much to the clan management for running this election and taking the time to read all of the applications of each candidate! 

    The reason that I believe you should vote for me to be an elder is because I am very dedicated. The elders must be aware of the rules, which I am aware of the guidelines of the clan and ALWAYS follow them. I haven't missed a war attack ever, and I may not have the most stars, but I always go ALL out in the wars. I am very active in Clash of Clans and I'm online multiple times EVERY day! I feel as if I have a good relationship with all the members of the clan. I often joke around with each of the members but we do it all in good fun. 

    I also think that I progress very quickly through the game. I am getting through TH9 very quickly and have had a builder going at all times! I usually plan things out so that I can get my offense up quickly to help the clan even more. I love donating and get over 2k almost every season. I get online to donate troops just for a quick moment and I ALWAYS give what is requested. I feel that I would be a great elder for more reasons than just my progress in the game though.

    I have many ideas that I love to suggest to make the clan even better. I have made spreadsheets that I hoped would help the clan, I created a subreddit on Clash of Clans strategies, I often suggest my opinions to the clan members and management about different War strategies, donating strategies, communication ideas (GroupMe or kik), and much much more. Even though the ideas may not be implemented, I voice my opinion to help the elders give feedback on the clan! I do whatever I can to make myself better and to help others become better as well as feel welcome into our amazing clan! 

    When there is a request to join our clan, I always review the profile and base just to give my opinion on the member who requested because I know that this is important. I make sure to check their Reddit account if it is provided to see what kind of person they are so that we don't accept a dud! I have invited a friend to join the clan and he is now a part of this amazing clan! I searched long and hard for a good clan and I know I have found an excellent one and I want to become even better than we already are! If I may add, I was a leader of a self made clan before this. I created it from dust and after months of recruiting and effort, I had a clan that was all over lvl 40 and was always full. This may seem pretty lame but it was hard as a level 70 rushed TH8 to create a whole clan from nothing! I was also the leader for the clan "TagPro Alliance" on my second account until I stepped down when I upgraded to TH9. I am still a member there and we are 21-1-1 in wars. I feel like previous leadership is a very important trait needed in order to be an elder. 

    Another thing about me is I don't give up. I will practice for hours and try all different kind of strategies. I did the latest push in Reddit Champs 2 and I was the top TH8 there. My trophy record is still 2798 and I am hoping to hit champs now that I am a TH9. I still communicate with the Reddit Champs 2 GroupMe chat which keeps me updated with higher level players from different clans. I often ask for advice from them and try to pass it on to the members of our clan! These members include many members from Reddit Troopers (perfect 57-0 War record), Reddit Dusk, Reddit Kings, Reddit Royals, Reddit Infinity, and even non-Reddit clans where the members must be champs and very hardcore gamers. I love to be active on Reddit and the Supercell forums so I am up to date on the updates and events that are going on in Clash. 

    I also often make bases and have people try them out and I've been told that the few I've made have worked pretty well. They're not the greatest, but I believe they work a lot of times. I created my own war base which has been 2 starred once and 1 starred 2 times. I feel as if my skills are constantly growing and I can help even more by becoming an elder for the clan. I give advice to anyone I can and I love being asked to help other people, too. 

    I know I haven't been here very long, but I feel as if I have the qualifications to be an elder. Elder should be given to a loyal member of the clan but just because a member has been in the clan a long time, does not mean they deserve to be an elder! The position of management in a clan, much like a job promotion, should be given to someone with the proper qualifications, not just the person who has been in the clan the longest. Sure, that helps and is very awesome to have, but qualification is much more important. I feel as if I meet the qualifications to be an elder and would be honored to have the position.  I am very fair in any situations and always look at both sides before making a decision so that I can be fair and understanding to both sides of a potential argument! 

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and please vote for me! 

    If you have any questions or criticisms for me, PLEASE PM ME! I love hearing about what I should do better because it makes me better and giving me advice on how to improve is good for everyone! Even if I am not elected as an elder, I will be happy for whomever is elected to be the next elder of Reddit reUnited! Good luck to everyone!!


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    Elder election! Empty Re: Elder election!

    Post by sKILLS3741 Fri 08 Aug 2014, 08:06

    Nice campaign! Best of luck!


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