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    Reddit Reunited Elder Application - sKILLS3741


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    Reddit Reunited Elder Application - sKILLS3741 Empty Reddit Reunited Elder Application - sKILLS3741

    Post by sKILLS3741 Tue 05 Aug 2014, 06:23

    Hello fellow members of Reddit Reunited!

    Its sKILLS here to tell you guys why you should vote for me. I will try my best to keep it short and sweet because knowing you guys, you want to be reading as little as possible this summer after long weeks of work. So here we go!
    In this clan, for a person to, "fit in," one must have the perfect combination of playfulness, generosity, humor, and most importantly, maturity. When I play clash with all of the great people on the clan, I think that I fit these characteristics.
    Despite my age, I am a very mature person that has the ability to be successful in challenges put in my way. Shown with my straight A's all four semesters in my school year, I have a very bright and creative mind along with the ability to work hours on end. So, with this, I think I could fit right in with the big guys and be a great elder.
    I am a very determined person when I put my mind to something. I am willing to do the dirty work that others wont. I am willing to write detailed reviews, or make art for the forum, or anything that is put on the to-do list. With me as elder, I will be able to add new ideas into the clan that has never been thought of before.
    My plans for the clan once I become elder is to improve on our clan wars. "How?" you might ask. I will create a new thread on the forum all about war improvements. Here, I will post successful base designs for town hall level 8 and up. I will post great tips on how to attack successfully. I will link videos on attack strategies to help you destroy those tough bases. Lastly, I will leave a place for everyone to chat and leave their own tricks. They will also be able to tell people who they are attacking so no one steals that person's target. With this, we will all gain more loot and have a better Clash experience!
    With that, I think it is time I stop rambling about all of the ways I should be elder and give you guys time to decide, "who will I vote for?" This is a big decision and you should have all the time you need. Thank you for reading this far and remember, #VoteForWhatMATTers.
    Keep Calm, Clash On,
    sKILLS (Matt)

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