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    Elder Application


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    Elder Application Empty Elder Application

    Post by Sir Tue 05 Aug 2014, 06:54

    Hello everyone,

         Most of you know me as "Sir", My real name is Jared if thats what you prefer to call me. I believe I am a good canidate for elder. Being elder in RrU is a big responsibility, you must handle situations that are thrown at you in a moments notice. Being elder to me means doing the occasional season review, accepting and declining members, kicking for inactivity, helping in clan war, and most importantly being positive.

         My main goal as elder would be to improve clan war results and increase activity in general. How would I achieve these goals? Very simple, I have experience in most attacking strategies that can get 2 stars for us, you pick the base and i help you assess where the most efficient spot to attack would be, what to do, and when to place spells. To increase activity in other players I would just talk with them, ask them how their day is, etc, etc, what motivates me to play more is all the different people to talk to, its a great time passer and we can have some very genuine discussions about anything.

        As elder I can promise quality reviews in the shire and excellent preformance. I can assure you help with anything happening inside and outside of clash. If you are having problems with other clanmates, ask me for help and maybe we can come to an agreement together. I check the forum often so feel free to PM me if you want something done about our clan, rules, or other people.

    Thank you for your consideration, Sir

    [P.S. Typing this on an iPad is kind of difficult, so if any formatting is wrong please forgive me]

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    Elder Application Empty Re: Elder Application

    Post by sKILLS3741 Tue 05 Aug 2014, 09:04

    *cough cough* stole my campaign vision *cough cough*
    Lol jk i think you'd make a great elder. Best of luck! 

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    Elder Application Empty Re: Elder Application

    Post by R1cky Tue 12 Aug 2014, 04:51

    Sir for elder

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