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    Team bLAzE for Elder!


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    Team bLAzE for Elder! Empty Team bLAzE for Elder!

    Post by ..bLAzE.. Tue 05 Aug 2014, 08:52

    I want to start of by saying good luck to everyone running, best of luck my friends Smile

    Firstly, anyone could say that they make a good elder cause they donate a lot, they do all war attacks ect.. But that's what everyone is meant to do, you could donate 10k every season but yet not be elder material but you'll be a good member. And before someone cuts to the conclusion that I'm only saying this cause I don't attack in war or cause I don't donate, well that isn't true, I donate ALWAYS as soon as the green button pops up and though I might not be the best in war I do try my best.

    Anyways, to get started, Let me ask you first, What makes a good elder?
    What makes an elder a good one is someone who works extra for the better of the clan, they come in in there spare time, do some work, do the reviews, help people out, post advice ect.. And I feel I can take that role in this clan, I'm sure I've proven that already, I post good base pictures, I voice my opinion and tell the current elders, co-leaders and leaders about how certain aspects can be made better. I went out of my time to make a poll and a whole entry on the clan war discussion (which was cut short by Gandalf) but he has used what I said in it so what i said mustn't have been wrong or bad, just not what was needed. I got Gandalf to get the Defence Pics section up which was nice. And to do all that, you need to work hard, even as a member I feel I am always involved and I put extra time into the clan and those are the key elements of an Elder. Also, I have been in the clan a very long time, not one the super originals but I'm probably one of a few left from the old reddit united so I'm familiar with how the clan works and its rules.

    And in-case some of you are thinking well, is he good at the game (in-case you don't know me but I'm sure a lot of you do), I consider my-self a good farmer and 'upgrader', not the best but a good one. I went from 32 in clan-wars to 21 in a matter of weeks, getting ahead of some of my 'TH9 race buddies' who were all previously ahead of me.

    Any criticisms, please reply as I'm sure others could take advice from what you say to me. And what you say counts! I promise I won't let you down! If it's personal, PM me, thanks Smile VOTE FOR BLAZE

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    Team bLAzE for Elder! Empty Re: Team bLAzE for Elder!

    Post by sKILLS3741 Tue 05 Aug 2014, 09:07

    Like opening statement. Best of luck!

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