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    Pushing tips from famous Youtubers

    Ron Mexico 88
    Ron Mexico 88

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    Pushing tips from famous Youtubers Empty Pushing tips from famous Youtubers

    Post by Ron Mexico 88 Thu 20 Nov 2014, 08:26

    Th8 pushing to champs

    Loonion Pushing

    WhitelighningHWD Channel: Amazing Th9 Loonioner

    Tyreal one of the best!

                Loonion Basics 1

                Loonion Basics 2 starring

    aTh (tons of GoWiPe and older videos are great loon videos)

    videos over Forum elite this summer (a little outdated but the concepts are the same)

    Invictus Family Push a couple of weeks ago (GoWiPe & Loons raids) 

    JRod (don't really watch him but found this video that might help with GoWiPe TH9)

    Great Youtuber, Beaker one for the top players from Unity Elite

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