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    Designing a good TH9 war base


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    Designing a good TH9 war base Empty Designing a good TH9 war base

    Post by plsamson Sat 06 Jun 2015, 18:46

    Designing a good TH9 war base

    Hey guys,
    Here’s a quick guide I wrote on how to design a good TH9 war base. I will cover the main aspects of a base that are important to have in order to not get three-starred. I suggest you make your own base and do not take one from a forum, YouTube, etc. since most of them already have 3-star strategies and traps exposed online. Also, not only your attacker will never have seen your base before, but YOU understand your layout and can continually tweak it yourself.
    Non-symmetrical base. Why?
    Nearly any TH9 can be two-starred with GoWiPe or GoWiWi. Pushing that concept further, your Town Hall can be seen as a high hitpoints building used to protect your main anti-three-star defenses, like the Archer Queen, Clan Castle and Air Sweeper. This is also the reason most non-symmetrical bases don’t have a centered Town Hall.
    [Here's] a few examples of good non-symmetrical bases from Reddit Raiders.
    Double giant bomb placement
    As you know, two giant bombs next to each other instantly kills Hog Riders. That being said, you have to lure the Hog Riders to those double giant bombs (DGB). Hogs always go to the nearest defense. Therefore, you can predict and control their pathing to your DGB.
    Here’s an example:
    Designing a good TH9 war base 8dIlSF5

    Also, a good TH9 war base has multiple possible double giant bomb locations. That way, they are harder to trigger before your enemy releases their soon-to-be bacon.
    Air defense and Wizard Towers
    The Wizard Tower’s range should never overlap the Air Defense. Why? This is mainly for LavaLoon attacks. Would you rather have your Wiz Tower hit the Lava Hound for less than 1% of its total hitpoints, or a group of loons?
    Centralized heroes (especially Archer Queen)
    The Archer Queen is your main anti-three-star defense. She shreds to pieces the main three-star strategies, LavaLoon and Hogs. Therefore, attackers that know what they are doing will try to kill her before by using a shatter or cold blood. She should be well protected and ideally in your core.
    Tip: I put my skeleton traps on the sides it is most likely people try to get my queen and align their range to give my queen a bit more time.
    Designing a good TH9 war base QCuEz03
    Hard to lure Clan Castle
    Most of the TH9 strategies rely on luring the Clan Castle. Therefore, you want your enemy to waste as many troops as possible on the lure. With the Clan Castle centered, you want to place defenses all around the edge of it’s range.

    Designing a good TH9 war base Y1d5UQ2
    You can even spice up your replays by adding a Tesla :

    Designing a good TH9 war base D6mbnj5

    A good TH9 base should also have…
       X-Bows pointed up. I think this is obvious.
       Air Defenses should be not exposed (can be Hogged), not super central (weak to HoLoWiWi and GoVaLo) and all in different compartments.
       Stagger your walls so Wall Breakers can only break into one compartment at once :

    Designing a good TH9 war base TBMBDlD

    If you have any questions, comments, or ideas you think I should add, leave a comment.

    Also, if you need help or advice to design your base, don't hesitate to ask in GroupMe or Clash, we have plenty of talented people here to help. Very Happy

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    Designing a good TH9 war base Empty Re: Designing a good TH9 war base

    Post by Gandalf Mon 08 Jun 2015, 06:03

    Excellent job pl. Thx for posting

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