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    Reddit reUnited clan and war rules


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    Reddit reUnited clan and war rules Empty Reddit reUnited clan and war rules

    Post by Gandalf Sun 07 Jun 2015, 23:52

    Reddit reUnited Clan Rules

    • To support maintaining a strong clan and having additional means of communicating signing up to our GroupMe is mandatory

    • Post a calendar event in our GroupMe ahead of time if going to be inactive and not able to reach the minimum required donations or participate in Clan Wars. Please specify the period and a brief reason

    • For calling bases in war we use ( Setting up an account is mandatory but also easy as it only requires signing up with your email address (your email address will remain private - the only thing that's displayed is your in game name), IGN, player tag and a password. You will receive a verification email, click on the link and your account is created. The only thing remaining is setting up your player profile. At this point, the only thing that needs to be set is your town hall level, but free to fill out the rest if you'd like.

    • Minimum donations are agreed by the management and could be set each cycle. Current requirements are:

      Minimum donations 600 by the end of cycle. Only persons with new behind their name at the end of cycle are exempt from minimum donations requirement. 

    • Archers are still default donation troop, unless requested differently 

    • No indecent behavior, illegal actions, be polite and help each other

    • Leaving the clan without any prior notification and good reason that is agreed by the (co-)leader and/or elders will be irreversible as you will not be accepted back into Reddit reUnited

    Reddit reUnited War Rules
    Schedule and General Rules
    We are a social clan but pretty serious when it comes to war and to maximize our chances to success these rules have been established.
    We engage in battle twice a week and we start searching on Wednesdays and Fridays about 21:00 GMT (that’s 22:00 CET, 16:00 EST, 13:00 PST). In addition on Mondays we organize war boot camps where only a small group of people will go to war and practice 3-starring strategies.
    All attacks must be full force (strong army, all spells and (both) heroes available) and we are aiming to get at least 2 stars on any attacks. In top war clans 1-star attacks don’t exist. To achieve this level we expect everyone to invest in their own capabilities of 3-staring opponents. There are many YouTubers that provide good 3-star strategy content, Clash with Ash is a good channel to start with as he has playlists organized on Town Hall level.
    In principle we expect everybody to opt in for war and use both attacks in every single war. We do realize sometimes things could go differently than planned and only to cater for these unplanned circumstances we agreed to the 3/4 rule meaning 3 out 4 attacks in two consecutive wars (Wed, Fri) must be completed.
    Opting out
    Opting out is allowed for the following reasons:

    • In case you know upfront you are not be able to complete both attacks

    • Both heroes are upgrading

    • Spell factory upgrading

    • Away because of holidays, business travel, busy at school, etc.

    Opting out should always be announced by posting a calendar event in our GroupMe specifying the period and the reason for opting out so we know you are not slacking from war but out for good reasons. In-game opt out settings will be ignored in case not accompanied by a calendar event.
    Below are the reasons for ‘instant’ removal:

    • Persons with less than 3 attacks in two consecutive wars (Wed, Fri) will be removed unless a calendar event in our GroupMe has been posted.

    • Attack is not in full force.

    • Attacking outside your team’s range (see below for explanation) before the range is cleared (unless you have specific permission from your clan mates in chat).

    • Attacking a base that is called by someone else (see below).

    • Maintaining a war base that is obviously easy to defeat. 

    • Town Hall sniping/attacking only for loot (every attack should be an attempt to add stars).

    War bases
    Your base should be set up for an optimal defense pertinent to your level with Town Hall inside, at least one set of double giant bombs, Infernos are set to multiple and X-Bows are pointed up. Do not copy a forum, YouTube, or other online base as most of these have 3 star solutions and trap locations posted. If you want inspiration follow this link for many example base designs from a serious war clan that can be used you only need to work in the air sweeper.
    Some tips for a good war base:

    • Non-symmetrical with off-centered Town Hall and centered (or hard to lure) Clans Castle.

    • Multiple possible double giant bomb locations.

    • Centralized heroes (especially Archer Queen).

    If you need additional recommendations for your war base, first scout other clan member's bases and try to build your own using some of the same ideas. Then ask an elder to take a look and suggest improvements you could make.
    "Troll" bases are NOT allowed. If you're new (first war) and forget to change your troll base by the end of prep day you will get kicked instantly, no exceptions. If you want to have a different base on prep day so opponents can't scout you, you can develop a second viable war base and switch between the two.
    Prep day

    • Carefully decide what kind of defensive troops fit best in your war Clan Castle to protect your base and precisely state which troops you want and the amount. No general requests such as I need reinforcement troops, good defense, wiz/archers/ minions, etc. A variation of troops that come out of clan castle at different speeds is the most difficult for the opponent to kill, e.g. witch, valk, loon, wiz, minion, and a few barbs and archers.

    • Respect troop requests; do not donate more troops than requested or troops that weren't requested at all.

    • Bottom 50% should be filled with max level troops. ONLY if there are still spots open 4 hours before start of war these war Clan Castles can be filled with lower level troops. All players with max level troops should start filling war Clan Castles from the bottom up.

    Calling Bases

    • We use to track claimed base requests. All members are expected to have an account and be a member of the Reddit reUnited clan on that site. The current war will appear automatically when you log in.

    • You MUST call a base prior to attacking it AND enter the stars you earned after your attack.

    • Your call on your first attack is good for 12 hours, and your call on your second attack is good for 8 hours. If a called base has an "Expired" tag next to it, it's fair game for anyone to attack.

    • During the last 2 hours of war, all bases are fair game and any calls are no longer valid.

    A few tips to get you started on

    • During prep day, you can call a base by clicking on the Bases button, and then clicking the shield icon by the base you want to reserve

    • During war day, open bases will also be displayed on the home page for you to call directly from there

    We have implemented the reUnited Team System (RTS) to help organize our attacks and make them much more efficient. This system has been designed to give you flexibility in deciding whom to attack and get the most stars for the clan.
    You may use both of your attacks whenever you like, as long as you follow the current calls on Clash Caller. You must complete your first attack prior to making a second call. This allows everyone a fair chance of attacking a decent target. The clan is split up into 5 different teams: Team U, N, I, T, and E. The factor that determines what group you are in is your base’s ranking on the war map. Each team is assigned a target range that they must ‘clear’. To clear a target range, each target for your team must be at least 2-starred. Once all bases in your range have been cleared you are allowed to attack any target outside your range but the attack must be for additional stars.
    First attacks should be made within the range corresponding to your war rank as follows:
    50 vs. 50 War
    Team U: our 1 – 10 attacking their 1 – 10
    Team N: our 11 – 20 attacking their 11 – 20
    Team I: our 21 – 30 attacking their 21 – 30
    Team T: our 31 – 40 attacking their 31 – 40
    Team E: our 41 – 50 attacking their 41 – 50
    45 vs. 45 War
    Team U: our 1 – 9 attacking their 1 – 9
    Team N: our 10 – 18 attacking their 10 – 18
    Team I: our 19 – 27 attacking their 19 – 27
    Team T: our 28 – 36 attacking their 28 – 36
    Team E: our 37 – 45 attacking their 37 – 45
    40 vs. 40 War
    Team U: our 1 – 8 attacking their 1 – 8
    Team N: our 9 – 16 attacking their 9 – 16
    Team I: our 17 – 24 attacking their 17 – 24
    Team T: our 25 – 32 attacking their 25 – 32
    Team E: our 33 – 40 attacking their 33 – 40
    35 vs. 35 War
    Team U: our 1 – 7 attacking their 1 – 7
    Team N: our 8 – 14 attacking their 8 – 14
    Team I: our 15 – 21 attacking their 15 – 21
    Team T: our 22 – 28 attacking their 22 – 28
    Team E: our 29 – 35 attacking their 29 – 35
    30 vs. 30 War
    Team U: our 1 – 6 attacking their 1 – 6
    Team N: our 7 – 12 attacking their 7 – 12
    Team I: our 13 – 18 attacking their 13 – 18
    Team T: our 19 – 24 attacking their 19 – 24
    Team E: our 25 – 30 attacking their 25 – 30
    Second attacks will generally be used to clean up stars leftover after the first round of attacks. Priority should be given to bases in your range that are not three starred.
    If you get on late in war and don't think you can reasonably add stars anywhere, ask us for advice. We'll suggest a target, and it may be a good opportunity for you to try a new strategy.
    Also, note that we're just saying you have to try. All of us blow attacks and have ended up with zero stars - we're not one of those hardcore war clans that will kick people for not being successful enough.
    We welcome all suggestions for improvements and additions.
    Thanks everyone!

    Credits go to Reddit Mike and Reddit Raiders for the inspiration we got from their rules
    Rationale for the above rules
    That's it on the rules, but we also wanted to explain why we need them. Participation in clan war is essentially the classic Prisoner's Dilemma. As an individual, your most profitable strategy is to wait until the end of war. If it looks likely to be won, then 1-star the highest bases you can for best loot. If it looks likely to be lost, don't attack at all. These would both be versions of ‘defect’ in the language of Prisoner's Dilemma. Only if the war is extremely close it is in an individual's interest to raid for the most stars.
    The interest of the clan as a whole, however, is for everyone to go for stars to maximize the chances of everyone getting the full loot bonus. This involves cooperating to coordinate attacks. Our war rules are about how best to get that cooperation and punish defectors. Without them, some individuals will just wait until the end of war to maximize their own benefit, and the members who have already invested heavily in trying to win get cheated.
    If you come in late and don't want to attack because the war looks hopeless, consider all your clan mates who have already invested their time and resources in their attacks and stocking the war cc (ask one of the top players sometime about how much de and elixir they spend on lvl2 witches and lvl6 wizards before attacks even start!). Similarly, coming in at the end to score some easy loot just lets you profit from the work everyone else in the clan already did.
    TL;DR Version

    Read it - you don't want to be kicked.

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