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    Cycle 10 (week 70) RrU events Review


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    Cycle 10 (week 70) RrU events Review

    Post by Gandalf on Sun 22 Jun 2014, 20:21

    Hello RrU,
    Hello again my fellow reUnited troopers Gandalf here with another review of life in The Shire and I am happy to say we have seen big improvements over the last season. As a result of the updated rules we improved our war track record big time with 5 wins out of 6 battles. To win even more I will keep repeating forget about greed and go for stars by attacking the highest target on the map you feel you are able to 2-star. The other improvement I am pretty happy about is the number of donations is up again after a long period of only going down to an all-time low record of a 672 average last season we are now up again to an average of 828. All in all well done guys and lady!!! Keep up this spirit, use your clan castle a lot, donate a lot and soon we will be back to the top of the Reddit clan comparison leaderboard and that’s where I want this clan to be  Very Happy 
    Lastly I would like to welcome two of our lost sons: bLAZe and eid. Glad to see you made it back safely to The Shire and once again Bilal came over for a visit to enjoy watching football with the Dutchies and fight a war with us. Glad to see you stay a bit longer this time.
    Ever repeating reminder; our rules are posted at Reddit reUnited Clan Rules. Be familiar with our rules and follow them as not living the rules could get you into trouble. Also, if you feel you are not going to be able to make the minimum donations or participate in Clan War due to school, vacation or for any reason please let us know at Inactivity Notice.
    comparison of all Reddit clans, look for the latest comparison table and you will find reUnited in the ‘General clans’ section
    Numbers time...
    Reddit reUnited stats:
    Total Reddit reUnited Trophies: 18,892
    Total Reddit reUnited Trophy record: 27,190 – Mar 30, 2014
    Reddit reUnited Global Trophy Rank: 10,215
    Reddit reUnited Global Trophy Rank record: 599 – Mar 30, 2014
    Top Trophies:
    1) Lobwan – 2,406
    2) Havoc – 2,292
    3) Andrew – 2,292
    4) ekansh111 – 2,216
    5) gorramts – 2,135
    Highest Trophy count record: Vithus – 2,815 – Mar 30, 2014
    Top Donators:
    1) Gandalf – 2,868
    2) Ron Mexico – 2,823
    3) Broman 66 – 2,535
    4) super – 2,531
    5) Nimby – 2,450
    Highest Donation count record: Lobwan – 10,585 – Jun 9, 2013
    Total Donations: 40,582
    Average per person: 828
    Number of people over 1,000: 10
    Number of people over 2,000: 5
    Total donations count record: 68,322 – Mar 16, 2014
    Largest Raid:
    No raid pics posted this cycle. We will remove this category when nobody posts this new season.
    Largest Raid record: Splurt – Jan 23, 2014
    - Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 1,807,288
    - Total Damage: 94%
    - Gold: 572,892
    - Elixer: 893,496
    - Dark Elilxer: 3,409

    For the upcoming cycle you can post your screen shots at Big Raid pics
    War stats:
    Victories: 12
    Losses: 8
    Draws: 1
    scratch      Reddit reUnited vs. astures     81-81
    king      Reddit reUnited vs. The Ourter Rim     95-77
    king      Reddit reUnited vs. HOLGER DANSKE 4     89-82
    Sad       Reddit reUnited vs. EJERCITOPERDIDO      83-101
    Sad       Reddit reUnited vs. thoth     91-104
    Sad       Reddit reUnited vs. COC Lodge     69-110
    king      Reddit reUnited vs. Real Gladiators     101-32
    Sad       Reddit reUnited vs. Romania Master     82-97
    king      Reddit reUnited vs. ALIANCA BRASIL     96-91
    king      Reddit reUnited vs. The vultures     98-96
    Sad       Reddit reUnited vs. MayFlower1     48-91
    king      Reddit reUnited vs. EliteSynery     84-74
    king      Reddit reUnited vs. Aesirian Exiles    60-88
    Sad       Reddit reUnited vs. Shadow Rider     6-98
    Sad       Reddit reUnited vs. seek&destroy    0-96
    king      Reddit reUnited vs. madrid al cielo   87-58
    king      Reddit reUnited vs. Australia     103-64
    king      Reddit reunited vs. BRUNELS KINGDOM     73-61
    king      Reddit reunited vs. Up and About     70-49
    Sad       Reddit reunited vs. SVENSKA HJALTAR     77-94
    king      Reddit reunited vs. Zelus     82-70
    Congratulations to everyone that made the cut this cycle. Also I would like to welcome the new members to our clan and say goodbye to the members that had to be removed because of not making the minimum donations or disobeying our rules in any other way. As always please reapply when active again and we are happy to take you back.
    Okay this wraps it up. Hope all goes well for everyone and if I missed anything please let me know!
    Clash on …
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    Re: Cycle 10 (week 70) RrU events Review

    Post by Slackers on Mon 23 Jun 2014, 02:00

    Good job on the review! Would love to see more activity on raid pics. It will be an awesome battle on who finds the best loot and takes it all home.
    Ron Mexico 88

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    Re: Cycle 10 (week 70) RrU events Review

    Post by Ron Mexico 88 on Mon 23 Jun 2014, 03:22

    Hey! a giant improvement! This makes me happy great job guys.

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    Re: Cycle 10 (week 70) RrU events Review

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