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    New Review Section - Best Defenses



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    New Review Section - Best Defenses

    Post by Doonamis on Tue 25 Feb 2014, 03:27

    I was thinking that similar to our largest raid section of the review, we should have a best defense section.  Rules could be similar to largest raid, where we calculate the value of the army spent on your base and look at the % of total stolen from you. 

    I would think that we would measure gold and DE only, but there could be an argument made about whether to include elixir.

    To keep it fair, I would recommend a minimum amount of loot available to be stolen of 250k-300k gold or a high amount of DE.

    We all know the pain of a bad raid when saving up for a large upgrade, lets share our pride of a good defense at that point in time as well!!!


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