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    Cycle 5 (Week 60) Review

    Ron Mexico 88

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    Cycle 5 (Week 60) Review

    Post by Ron Mexico 88 on Mon 14 Apr 2014, 08:39

              Hey fellow reUniters! It’s Ron Mexico and it’s time for another review. The pass cycle started off with a slow start, but ended with much excitement. After spending all that effort pushing for the enormous Reddit Clan war many a fellow clan mates seem to of taken a bit of a break   Sleep . However, after news of the great update of April 2014, Clan Wars was introduced and did it deliver  cyclops ! It seems that the update brought most of our clan members back together to destroy our first opponent. Stats on that later.

    First of all lets re-introduce some of the rules again for everyone to see:  study 

          Archers are default, unless requested differently

    • Minimum donations are agreed by leader and elders and could be set each week. Current requirements are:
      Minimum donations 400 by the end of cycle. Only persons with new behind their name at the end of cycle are excempt from minimum donations requirement. 
      Although the minimum donations is an absolute requirement we are encouraging going above and beyond as the more we donate to each other the faster all individuals can advance through the game making the clan stronger as a whole. Leader and elders are keeping an eye out on individuals requesting for troops all the time while making the bare minimum on donations. Those individuals will be on the watch list and could end up on the sh.. list

    • DND = Do Not Donate. This is a warning signal not to disturb a big donation like dragons or healers people have agreed to, use it and watch out for it

    • SDP = Scroll Down and donate Please. This is a signal there are still clan members with a request for troops unfulfilled down in the chat. If you see SDP and you have not donated please scroll down and help your fellow clan member

    • Leave an Inactivity Notice on this forum if going to be inactive for more than a week (and not reach the minimum required donations set for that week)

    • No indecent behavior, illegal actions, be polite and help each other

    • Leaving the clan without any prior notification and good reason that is agreed by the (co-)leader and/or elders will be irreversible as you will not be accepted back into Reddit ReUnited

    Time of some Numbers:

    Reddit ReUnited Stats:

    Total Reddit ReUnited Trophies: 18,033

    • Reddit ReUnited Trophy Record: 27,190- March 30, 2014

    Reddit ReUnited Global Rank: 17,718

    • Reddit ReUnited Global Rank Record: 599- March 30, 2014

    Top Trophies:

    1.) Lobwan-    2,394
    2.) MKappy7-  2,119
    3.) gorramts-  2,023
    4.) Splurt-      1,927
    5.) Nobius-     1,903
    Highest Trophy Count Record: Vithus - 2,815-March 30, 2014

    Top Donators:

    1.) BallzJr.- 2,204
    2.)Super- 1,951
    3.)LYco- 1,475
    4.)Gandalf- 13,55
    5.)minedudecreeper- 1,334

    Highest Donation Count Record: Lobwan- 10,585 - June 9, 2013
    Total donations: 31,224
    Average per person: 624
    Number of people over 1000: 8 (Sup, Gand, BJr, RM, Spoby, B-man, LYco, MDC)
    Number of people over 2000: 1 (shout out to BallzJr.)
    Total Donations Count Record: 68,322 - March 16, 2014

    Largest Raid

    • No raids posted this cycle

    Largest Raid Record: Splurt- Jan 23, 2014

    • Total Raid Score (Gold + Elixer +100 x Dark Elixir): 1,807,288
    • Total Damage: 94%
    • Gold: 572,892
    • Elixir: 893,496
    • Dark Elixir: 3,409


     king Reddit ReUnited vs. Canadian Bacon


    43 battles won 21
    73 total attacks 42
    79.5% Average destruction 52.5%

    Final thoughts

    Congratulations everyone on crushing our first opponent in the clan wars. I hope that we continue to destroy and terrorize the world. The name Reddit ReUnited will strike fear into the hearts of millions...! lol anyways. I hope everyone has another great cycle and remember to have fun.

    Stay classy Clash of Clans.
    -Ron Mexico

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    Re: Cycle 5 (Week 60) Review

    Post by Gandalf on Mon 14 Apr 2014, 09:20

    Nice review Ron. Great work, especially the dramatic ending  Very Happy


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    Re: Cycle 5 (Week 60) Review

    Post by LYco on Tue 22 Apr 2014, 11:29

    Good work there, I'll start reading these more often, great effort!

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    Re: Cycle 5 (Week 60) Review

    Post by Slackers on Sun 27 Apr 2014, 11:23

    Great review Ron! like it a lot.

    PS: misplaced a comma on Gandalfs donations :3


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    Re: Cycle 5 (Week 60) Review

    Post by sKILLS3741 on Wed 30 Apr 2014, 00:25

    Good review. Sorry i can't join the fun. But I'll be back of another time. 
    Stay United,

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    Re: Cycle 5 (Week 60) Review

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